Adalyn’s First Birthday

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Oh my goodness! As your Cake Smash photographer, let me start by saying: You made it! The first year is over and your little cutie is thriving. Congratulations! A whole year has gone by already and it’s time to celebrate. So, you agonize over themes and color schemes, guest lists, and party favors. In all honesty, we go a bit over-board for an event the guest of honor will not directly remember. Can’t blame you really, I’m guilty of this as well! On the other side, the photographs I have will live on for years.

One of the items on everyone’s first birthday party list is… CAKE!

We all want to see that little one dive in to that adorably decorated confection with the ignorance is bliss attitude of not knowing the caloric or sugar injustice. Oh how I envy them. Is it wrong that I live vicariously? I hope not, because I totally do.

All the vintage ruffles and pastel balloons of this session had me feeling like I was back in the age of the French Revolution. “Let Them Eat Cake!” I love the way each child is different in their responses to what’s presented to them. Some love to dive right in, slinging cake everywhere and making a giant mess. Others are more timid, and prefer to test the waters one finger at a time. Each and every session is unique and really highlights each child’s personality.

This adorable little girl just turned one, but this was her 3rd cake (Covid-baby problems)! With a surge of cases in her area, she received not one, but three separate birthday parties (and I’m jealous)! By the time I got her in front of my camera she had plenty of practice and worked her session like a pro.

After you book with Emma Lee Photography, we will work together to plan a color scheme and/or theme that satisfies the vision you have for your child’s first birthday. Alternatively, you can find inspiration from a past session of mine, found here, or perhaps you already have an idea and need help finalizing your vision? I would love to chat with you! Send me a message via my contact form.

Where to find the best cake

Personally, I only use two places (please let me know if there’s somewhere else I should try!):

Option A

Publix – If you’re in the South… then Mrs. Publix is your go-to for bakery items. However, we’re not going to mention the Sweet Tea or Pub-sub in this post. I don’t think I’ve been disappointed by them yet, and we order quite often. You will need to pull up your specific location but you can find most of their information here: Publix Bakery

Option B

Local Baker – I call her “my cake lady” (although she makes great cookies too!). She’s a local home-based baker and I envy her. I tried duplicating her creative, sorry hun but it’s true, and failed miserably. She is amazing and it not only looks great but tastes incredible. You can find her on Facebook at Muriel’s Cakes and Cookies

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August 20, 2021

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