Why You Should Hire A Birth Photographer

Birth Photography is very black and white (pun intended). You are either for it or against it. Even if it’s not your first child, each birth is unique. The raw emotion that can, and should, be captured during birth is extremely empowering.

If you’re curious about whether birth photography is “your thing”, here are some reasons why you should totally hire a birth photographer!

1. Each birth deserves celebration

Wherever you decide (or your baby decides) for this wonderful occasion to take place, birth is remarkable! Hospital? Homebirth? Waterbirth? Epidural? Natural? It’s a joyous event. Welcoming your little cherub into the world is an experience like no other, and no two births are the same.

When they arrive, your whole world changes. You get lost in the moment with that little body pressed against yours. Kissing that damp, fuzzy forehead and counting all the fingers and toes. Words fail to truly convey how you feel. Having a birth photographer allows you to preserve each emotion from your very first moments together.

Your body did something incredible, it grew and nourished, and birthed this life. Birth photography provides reminders of your strength, beauty, and love.

2. Birth photography strengthens family connections

It takes a brave soul to invite an “outsider” into their sacred space. Some may fear embarrassment, others think a photographer will interrupt the intimate connection between the birthing couple and their new baby. I think it does quite the opposite.

With a birth photographer present, your partner is able to keep 100% of their focus on you. They are able to be hands-on, and (probably annoyingly) involved in each part of the birthing process, but especially be able to equally participate in the immediate bonding time directly after birth.

Allow your partner to experience this day without worrying about getting a good picture. Relive yourself of the stress of worrying if their shaky hands are going to cause blurry images of this once-in-a-lifetime moment. Let a professional birth photographer worry about all of that while you bask in the glow of your new family.

3. Life is unpredictable

When it comes to having a baby, there are no retakes. By booking a birth photography professional, you have someone in your corner with specialized equipment and knowledge that can handle the challenge a birthing situation can bring.

Whether your child is born in a dim-lit bedroom, a dark crowded shower, or an overly bright operating room, you want the person in charge to have the skill to adapt quickly.

You don’t want to put your trust in your third cousin twice removed on one of the major milestone moments of your lives.

4. Birthing a baby is a team effort

Every mother wants to know she has a tribe. A group of people to love her, support her and believe in her. Especially a birthing mother. She wants to feel secure and calm during a very vulnerable time. Birth photographers are very in tune with the birthing process and have gained an intimate relationship with the families that hired them.

A great birth photographer knows when to offer encouragement and reassurance but also when to sit back quietly and maintain space. They are there to capture your birth story as it’s delivered (pun intended).

Each birth is a reminder that women are powerful and beautiful. May your birth story be empowering and enlightening in the best of ways. For information on my birth services; click here.

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November 16, 2021

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