Why You Need Family Photos

You’ve heard it before… “A picture is worth a thousand words”, “time-flies”, and “you’ll miss this age.” Well, this post is a reminder. Time does indeed fly, you really will miss this age, and these images will be worth so much more than a thousand words. Your family photos are really simple ways to remind your loved ones of precious times in your lives together.

Hiring a family photographer is important. You need to be included in your family photos. Put the phone down (although I must admit, phones these days have pretty decent cameras for quick point/shoot captures at the zoo) and be included in those photos! When your children have grown up and created families of their own, they will want to look back at these images and remember you too.

Stop Waiting For National Holidays

Every year around big holidays, everyone scrambles around trying to find somewhere to get their family photos taken. Everyone is rushed and cranky and frankly not themselves. Now image… you’ve had a couple of times over the year that you went and had your family photos taken; everyone is more relaxed since the pressure of getting the “perfect” picture is removed.

Family photos hold more importance than just a yearly holiday card. Your family changes in the blink of an eye. Suddenly there’s a new family member (human or otherwise), someone lost a tooth or got their first car. It’s these memories that last forever.

Top Reasons You Need More Family Photos

  • If a home is destroyed (think fire, flood, twister) the first thing people will risk their lives to save (outside of the obvious like people and pets) are their family photo albums and wall portraits.
  • Photos have the ability to recreate emotion. To make us smile, laugh, and love all over again.
  • Wall portraits and albums become your legacy; we hold them close, pass them down, and we gift them to others so they will share our joy.

I urge you to take the opportunity to capture your family. Every milestone, anniversary, family vacation, ballet recital, or baseball game. Be present in those photos, be an active part of those memories, so that when you pass down the albums and portraits you’re remembered as you are and not as the person behind the camera phone.

While you are researching possible photographers, I’d love to chat with you about your family photography needs! You can see some of my work here. Clicking here will start a conversation with me to get you on my calendar!

November 26, 2021

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